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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 2, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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sed captioning services inc. welcome to "world news." tonight, fast and furious. a sudden swarm of tornadoes plowing into neighborhoods, flash flooding, tonight, dramatic rescues. in the west a monster wildfire growing by the hour. our extreme weather team on both fronts tonight. pay off in court. the long time hosni mubarak on a gurney inside a cage. what happened today that led to this brawl? a year after we were there, christiane amanpour joining me tonight. caught on tape. a woman suffering a stroke. her boyfriend so concerned, he beginning recording it from a cell phone. tonight what doctors knew from watching it, how it saved her life. and how it could save so many others. and mystery solved? the extraordinary new clue tonight. why this broken jar that could
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be proof amelia earhart really did survive that crash. good evening. we begin this saturday night with dramatic rescue stories after a violent string of tornadoes tore a path through several states from the carolinas up to pennsylvania. 14 tornadoes in all. the largest outbreak in the region so far this year. and in hampton, virginia, this rare sight. a storm went from a water spout to a tornado back to a water spout again. the storms the destroyed homes, uprooted trees and left thousands without power tonight. and in the western part of the country, the wildfires are growing. severe winds and heat fueling the fires. two reports beginning with ginger zee tonight. >> reporter: a tornado on land and on water as a water spout. look at that video, lightning strikes and when we slow it down, you can see the ef-1 tornado with 98-mile-per-hour
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winds lurching to hampton, virginia. it flipped boats, plucked trees and tore the roofs off homes in that coastal community. one of 14 reported and three confirmed twisters so far, all part of a string of violent storms yesterday that ripped across the mid-atlantic. it wasn't just tornadoes. more than four inches of rain fell quickly in spots, causing dangerous flash flooding. in washington, d.c., workers searched submerged cars. this roaring river in maryland swept three teenagers from the river's bank where they were playing. they clung to a bridge for almost an hour until firefighters rescued them. the storms knocked out power from south carolina to pennsylvania. and in maryland, more than $1 million in damage, roofs peeled away. >> i looked at my dog and said, we better head to the basement. and the minute we got down to the bottom of the basement, we heard a huge thud. >> reporter: roger voight saw
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the whole thing from his hallway. >> all of a sudden, the trees just started flying around wildly in the backyard and then this amazing total white out. >> a frightening 24 hours for so many people. ginger at the desk here tonight. the other concern, the heat out west, you told me, 111 degrees over the weekend in phoenix and tomorrow, not much relief. >> so many record highs yesterday, today, and tomorrow, not getting rid of it. 102 tomorrow in phoenix. vegas will be 101 and that's not the only thing that will help infuriate the fires. look at this. the cold wind approaches monday and tuesday. that is on going to kick off the fire danger more. >> we are going to turn to the west this evening. there are major fires in eight states tonight. by far, the largest is in new mexico. an inferno has burned 225,000 acres. abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> reporter: it's an out of control monster. new mexico's biggest fire ever. destroying a dozen homes.
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torching more than 350 square miles, an area bigger than dallas, texas. flames driven by hot, dry wind. >> we are struggling and praying that everything turns out okay. >> reporter: it may be burning in an isolated area, but already this year, wildfires have blackened more than 700,000 acres. ten states are facing above normal chances for fires. >> in the west, it's not a question of if but when you will have a wildfire. >> reporter: with a potentially dangerous wildfire season on the way, there is renewed concern of a serious shortage of air tankers, which are critical for fighting a blaze from above. critics worry the nation's tanker fleet is shrinking. in 2006, the national forest service had 44 on call. today, only 11, and they are getting older. the ntsb found cracks in the wings of this 1950s era tanker that broke apart in california.
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>> he just crashed! >> reporter: three people on board were killed. >> some of the planes are getting to a point where they belong to museums rather than in the sky. >> reporter: the agency admits it doesn't have enough tankers but insists it's working to modernize the fleet. >> we are ready and prepared to deal with the fire season. >> reporter: new mexico's fire fight could last for weeks. >> a lot will depend on the weather. it could stop tomorrow if it starts to rain. >> reporter: but there are no rain clouds forecast until the end of july. now, only smoke and fire. clayton sandell, and, denver. now, the man who killed trayvon martin, george zimmerman, has just hours to turn himself in. the new deadline comes after the new bombshell in court, the conversations with his wife over how much many they have. matt gutman tonight.
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>> reporter: neither the judge or the prosecution minced words. >> the dependent's wife lied to this court. she stated she had no money when in fact the record showed she did. >> reporter: on april 9th with george zimmer marne's case making national headline, he launched this website with a paypal link for his defense fund. within days, amassing $200,000. and he told the court, he was broke. >> this is a family of short means. >> reporter: all the while, prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife, shelly, were hiding money. >> they were using code words thinking the police were going to be stupid. >> reporter: for example, say prosecutor, talking about $8.60 in the bank when they meant $86,000. >> how can someone forget that had thousands of dollars? he was aware of it. >> they were in constant contact with zimmerman and believe he will make that deadline tomorrow at the jail where he could spend the next two years. david?
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>> matt gutman, thanks to you. overseas and the giant fall from power in egypt. the long time leader hosni mubarak wheeled in a courtroom kept in a cage as the highs of egypt were watching. mubarak, carried in on a gurney, carried in a cairo courtroom, kept in a cage. wearing dark glasses. >> translator: sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of protestors. >> reporter: mubarak will now spend the rest of his life locked up. six others acquitted, along with mubarak's son. because of that, there was outrage in court. a bloody brawl breaking out. and to cleanse the justice system. and mubarak, rushed out. a steep fall since protests just more than a year ago. back then, when we reporting from the square as mubarak's men came charging in in stunning
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storm, on camel, charging the crowd with whips. taking aim at the very protestors who had been demanding egypt's president step down. fear spreading through cairo quickly. the neighborhood so tense now, they don't want us near the entrance to their neighborhood with a camera. >> we hate america. >> you hate us? >> yeah, i hate you. >> reporter: at the time, many believed western cameras were fueling the unrest and yet, with the turmoil, we also heard hope from the youngest faces. what do you hope now for your country? what do you want to achieve? >> i want to be a doctor. >> reporter: you want to be a doctor. >> yeah. >> i want to the be a scientist. >> reporter: a scientist? >> yeah. >> computer engineer. >> reporter: a computer engineer. who could forget the faces of those girls. i want to bring in christiane amanpour. more than a year later now, you were the last journalist to speak with hosni mubarak. i want to know what you think? >> a week before he stepped
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down, he told me he heard the voice of the people and he was going to step down. this was a very steep fall. let's not forget, hosni mubarak did heed the voice of his people. and did heed the voice of the united states when they said it was time for him to leave. unlike gad dadfy who did not, chased out. and unlike syria's president, still slaughtering his own people. mubarak is a different kind of arab leader and he stepped down in the face of revolution. >> about the girls, and the talk of the future, what do you make? the elections are coming up weeks from now. >> what is incredible, the final runoff will pit hosni mubarak's former prime minister against the muslim brotherhood. there are not liberal candidates even though the revolution said they wanted a more liberal way to the future. that is going to be interesting to see. and don't forget, mubarak was a close ally to the west and to israel as well. everybody is waiting to see how the elections turn out. >> christiane, thank you.
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our global affairs anchor tonight. meantime, back in this country this evening and the battle over sugar playing out here in new york city. mayor michael bloomberg looking to ban super sized soda. all to the fight obesity, he says. tonight, the soda industry is fighting back. sake taking out this full page ad to parody the mayor. the ad shows a towering bloomberg in a nanny outfit towering the city. new yorkers need a nanny, not a mayor, it says. and it was diane who asked the mayor about that criticism this week. >> i wake up this morning and i read nanny mike and i read soda scrooge. >> i don't know if those are derogatory terms. it gets your name in the paper. as the old adage, as long as they spell your name night, it's good publicity. >> the fight just beginning now. diane with the mayor there. and we turn to what could be a med ral break through this evening and a drug that doctors
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say shrinks tumors in deadly cancers. here is dale schifrin. >> reporter: four years ago, the doctor broke the life changing news. >> i had stage four cancer. that is not good and told me i had 12 to 18 months to live. >> reporter: she fought back under going a brutal regimen of chemotherapy. >> the chemo was difficult to tolerate. fatigue, nauseousness. >> reporter: it worked for awhile but the cancer came back, spreading to her lungs and liver and heart. her doctors suggested trying a different kind of cancer treatment called immunotherapy. unlike chemotherapy, it uses the body's own immune stm system to fight the cancer. and it helped the t-cells affect the cancer. take a look at her lung scans. before starting the treatment, she had an enormous mass in her lug. and four months of immunotherapy, it shrank.
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she was part of a clinical trial in which 18% of the cancer patients taking the drug had a 30% decrease in tumor size. maureen says she's had no side effects. for now, she is feeling good and sharing time with her family. >> it's extended my life. improved the quality of my life. >> reporter: the drug has shown promise in treating patients with advanced kidney cancer and melanoma. but it doesn't work in all patients. and doctors will want to know why it was so effective in patients like maureen. >> a great promise as you say and great to have you with us. >> thank you. we are going to turn now to celebrations across the pond. four days of parties marking the queen's diamond jubilee. 60 years on the throne. and just in time for the celebration, we are seeing for the first time, fascinating new images of elizabeth as she was about to become queen. lama hasan is in london. >> reporter: it's been jubilee fever here today as the queen kicks off a lavish four days of celebration. full of pomp and circumstance that only the british can do. the day began with a 21-gun
5:43 pm
salute. a spectacular skydiving display by the royal air force and hordes of flag waving well-wishers. when the queen arrived at the derby, she was greeted by the national anthem song by katherine jenkins of "dancing with the stars" fame. lover of horses, the queen has not missed a single race here since her coronation in 1953. in fact, she is seen here at the epson derby just four days after she was made queen. and to celebrate her 60 years on the throne, these never before seen home videos released showing a poised and pensive 25-year-old just moments of learning her father's death and realizing she would be made queen. the highlights of the historic
5:44 pm
celebrations is the thames pageant tomorrow. the biggest boat tiller in hundreds of years. 1,000 boats of all shapes and sizes will sail the 7-mile route around the thames. the queen, prince philip and william and kate will be on one of those boats. and david, it promises to be quite the show. >> dress for the occasion, lama, thank you. "good morning america" will broadcast live from london this monday and tuesday and tuesday night, a concert celebration diamond jub lee for the queen, with katie couric. still ahead, the couple and their dramatic cell phone video. he began recording her when he knew something was wrong but not sure what was happening to her. >> the right side of your face numb this morning? >> what it turned out to be, what doctors saw in that video that no one else did and why seconds saved her life. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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we're going to turn now to a staggering number we learned tonight. when a loved one suffers a stroke, they lose nearly 2 million brain cells every minute. which is why the cell phone video in the next story hymned sooif a life. nick schifrin tonight. >> what? you are not speaking as loud as you normally speak. >> reporter: through his phone's camera, dave o'neal knew something was wrong. his fiance's face had gone numb. she refused to go to the hospital. dave kept pitching and filming. >> you do know and admit i have forced you try to go to the hospital. don't you? >> reporter: by the end, she could barely speak. >> because -- give it -- tonight. >> reporter: turns out, diane was just beginning a massive stroke. dave finally got her in the er and showed doctors the video.
5:49 pm
i proved crucial and came in the nick of time. >> it gave us a clear understanding when the stroke started. and since brain attacks is a time sensitive decide and every minute, 1.9 million brain cells are dying, it's crucial for us to know when it started. >> reporter: and because they knew, they could use a brand new treatment that pulls the dangerous blood clot out of the brain. this is the device right here? it's the same technique used by by this doctor. >> if we know exactly when it began, we can skip the mri and use this. >> reporter: today, dave and diane celebrate. she came close to paralysis, even death. but she's made a full recovery. >> i think i'm a miracle patient. i think i'm the luckiest person in the world. >> reporter: dave o'neal told me today, you can't tell anything happened to his fiancee, and
5:50 pm
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one of the women from wisteria lane has passed away. kathryn joosten. was the cranky older neighbor on "desperate housewives." in the final episode, she lost her battle with cancer. it was a story line that mirrored her own lifestyle. she was 72. and a story that has gone viral tonight. 2-year-old cooper had been deaf since birth. he is about to have his cochlear implant turned on and hear his mother's voice for the first time. >> hi, cooper. hi, cooper. hi. hi, cooper. >> cooper, with his hands in the air, hearing his mother for the first time. and "saturday night live" we have learned is losing another cast member. andy samberg won't be back in the fall. that is him there on the right. he is known for his 100 digital shorts on "snl." when we come back, the brand new clue, did amelia earhart really survive after all? melia earhart really survive after all? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪
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i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit and finally tonight here, amelia earhart was on a famous quest when she vanished in 1937 to become the first woman pilot to circle the globe. tonight here, word of a new discovery. a tiny broken jar, and it could
5:57 pm
be proof she might have survived the crash after all. here is ron claiborne. >> reporter: we may be one tantalizing step closer to the answer of what happened to ameliaer hart because of this, a 1930s era glass jar of anti-freckle cream. earhart hated her freckles and was known to conceal them. >> amelia had freckles and there were numerous occasions when she expressed concern about her freckles. >> reporter: five broken pieces of the jar were found on the tiny uninhabited south pacific island of nikumaroro. the re-constructed glass shards look a lot like this container for dr. berry's freckle ointment. which was sold in the the 1930s. one of the pieces appears to have been used as a cutting tool. >> this looks to us like castaway behavior. >> reporter: in 2010, a woman's compact, buttons, and zipper from a flight jacket, all american made in the 1930s were unearthed in the same island. >> together all of these artifacts are extremely significant. >> reporter: nukumaroro island is southeast of howland island, where earhart intended to stop over on her round-the-world
5:58 pm
flight. her last radio transmission depicted in the 2009 movie "amelia." >> we're running north and south. >> we hear you. we hear you. are you receiving us? >> reporter: so where's her plane? one scenario, that earhart made an emergency landing on the low-lying coral reef island, and the plane washed out to sea. next month, researchers will begin looking for it in several thousand feet of water. >> setting out on a most dangerous aeronautic feat ever attempted. >> reporter: one of the world's great mysteries may be a little closer to being solved. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> all the years later, the clue could be freckle cream. who knew? that is the broadcast tonight, dan and bianna tomorrow on "good morning america." i'm david muir. hope to see you tomorrow night. good night. d muir. good night.
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>> alan: good evening. >> ama: we begin tonight with developing news. giants all-star third baseman pablo sandoval is being investigate for a possible sexual assault in santa cruz. the alleged attack took place friday morning but his lawyer says his client was involved in a consentual sexual relationship. a sheriffs spokesperson says sandoval is cooperating with investigators. >> the police went tout the resort with detectives, contacted pablo sandoval. he was not arrested. he cooperated with us. came down to our sheriffs department and we interviewed him with his attorney present.